For years, many have been using gig economy apps to generate extra income .first while holding a traditional and demanding 8-4 job, then as a side thing while they transitioned to self – employment. Over the years, they have regularly tracked this income in their monthly side hustle reports, the goal of which is to show people exactly what someone can make from hustling using various gig economy apps. This gig don’t seem very valuable to many people, but a side hustle is worth a lot more than one may think, and small amounts when given enough time ,really do add up. Interestingly, this side hustles can be done by anyone. If saved and invest for long term, it can add up to even more and this side hustle can literally make someone a millionaire.

The confusing part of the gig economy is just how many different apps are available. I learnt that having one post listing every gig economy app I’ve used or know about might be helpful to readers looking for ideas on how to make extra money using the gig economy.

When we talk of gig economy apps, we think of three types of apps;

  • Platform based apps. These are apps where one create his/her own profile and set his/her own prices. He/she is essentially creating his/her business and the platform acts as a middle man, taking a commission in exchange for providing platform for one to list on.
  • On demand apps: These are gig economy apps where one can request specific service and the app sends requests out to potential workers. These are the apps that can set the price in advance and one is able to accept or reject offers that come to them.
  • Freelance apps: these apps are generally the same platform based apps but differ in that rather than selling a product such as short term rental; one is usually selling a niche, specialized skill.