The paradise spot for living your life: Comporta, Portugal and its perfect real estate

If urban life brings you nothing but stress and you can’t live without spectacular views from your window, Comporta, Portugal, is the ideal place to escape. 

Situated on the Alentejo Coast 48 km from hustling Lisbon, Comporta is like a separate universe with drawling beaches, breathtaking nature and a soothing atmosphere. Melides and Muda, the most extensive parts of Comporta, are becoming more and more developing real estate markets in Portugal and southern Europe too.

People prefer buying housing there due to value for money, a high level of privacy and the stunning environment. When it comes to the purchased location, the choice is immense since the Comporta’s coastline occupies the territory of 50 km divided into various small areas from Troia to Melides. 

Selling Accommodation in Comporta

The vast majority of houses here require renovation. Still, in some cases, newly minted owners take the old buildings down and build them afresh. The permissible area for a family house stands on average from 300 sq. m. to 500 sq. m. The only exception is the Pego beach, where your villa can be even 800 sq. m.

Overall, Comporta’s countryside houses are of smaller space and have similarity to ordinary Alentejo houses, while Carrasqueira’s are made with the flight of fantasy. Moving further in-depth, you will find luxurious private villas or estates of impressive two and more hectares areas.

Plenty of customers buy property in Comporta for vacation or business purposes, but no less want to settle down there. That is why there is a big demand for both plots and ready-made accommodation. As practice shows, families with children prefer purchasing next to the beaches, whereas privacy-obsessed people choose quiet and cozy villas or estates in the remote suburbs.

Troia Real Estate Options 

They consider this area the most luxurious and up-to-date, so that you may find splendid beachfront villas, townhouses, apartments and even plots somewhere amidst the sea.

If you are looking for comfy family houses on the Atlantic Ocean coast, then Soltroia suggestions will hit the spot. However, greenery lovers may find the appropriate accommodation using Pestana Group services.

Melides Selling Offers

The variety of enormous mansions, sumptuous villas with a sea view, or tiny village houses are at your disposal. Many celebrities such as Christian Louboutin and Countess Cinzano have completed their real estate search at this place since nature’s beauty combined with confidentiality is implemented here in the best way.

Still, having numerous ready-built accommodations, there is no lack of plots or houses that need renovation according to topical architecture standards. So, don’t think this area is only for wealthy people. You can definitely select your cup of tea for a reasonable price.


Comporta real estate offers multifaceted options for different abundance levels. In case you aim at the apartment purchase in Troia, be ready to pay approximately €300 000. A village house in need-repair condition will cost you €500 000 and higher. With the intention to build a brand new out-of-town estate, you have to fork out from €1M to €3M. Luxurious mansions prices range from €5M to €10M.


Comporta is doubtless the real estate market gem and will compete with Ibiza in the near future. So, don’t hesitate to purchase local property and you will hit the jackpot for sure!