Pre And End of Tenancy Cleaning Leeds: Checklist for a Spotless House

Moving can be both stressful and exciting. To help homeowners focus on the adventures in their new home and alleviate the stress of moving, this article will give you look at the start and end of the tenancy checklist. The first thing homeowners should do is make sure that you have read your tenancy agreement from start to finish.

The contract will stipulate how the property needs to be left when the current owner moves out. If any damage has been caused by the tenant or the damage incurred during their stay, they need to ensure that it is replaced or fixed before they move out. If they do not replace or repair the problem, their landlord is within their right to organize for the problem to be fixed and send the tenant the bill incurred.

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Usually, the landlord will propose that the amount will be deducted from the tenant’s deposit. It is worth getting their end of tenancy cleaning done earlier to ensure that they get the property perfectly clean before the landlord’s final inspection. This way, tenants stand a chance of getting their deposit back. You can either hire a professional cleansing company, or you can do it by yourself.

It is usually more cost-effective to do a do-it-yourself cleaning, plus you will have a peace of mind that every room in the house has been cleaned to the landlord and your standard. The work that you carry out needs to be based on your assessment or checklist, as well as your check-in record. Although, usually, to pass the final inspection, you need to carry out the following tasks.


Make sure to remove everything from the shelves and cupboards, and remove any stains and crumbs using a wet or damp cloth. The next thing you need to do is pull out every appliance in the house and wipe behind them. It is imperative to ensure that you give your dishwasher and washing machine a thorough and proper cleaning to remove built-up grimes and dirt.

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Next is to clean the inside and outside of the refrigerator and make sure to remove every single fridge tray, cabinet shelves, and racks. Soak them in dishwashing liquid. Dry and place the racks back inside the refrigerator. When you leave, turn every single appliance off the wall and leave its doors open to prevent fungi and molds’ formation. Everyone is guilty of letting their ovens get dirty.

Whether it has household dust, burnt food deposits, grease, or grime, people need to give them a thorough cleaning to get their deposit back. Ovens are usually the first item checked by the landlord during the inspection. Usually, people want to hire a professional oven cleaner to carry out the deep oven clean for them. It can save them a lot of time, energy, and of course, money as cleaning this appliance is a pretty tedious task.

Living Room

Two of the main jobs people need to tackle in cleaning the living room are dusting and your carpets. Give the carpets a thorough and proper vacuum. If stains remain on the rug, you might need to consider hiring a professional cleansing company like Leeds Cleaning Company to help you combat the problem or rent a heavy-duty or industrial vacuum cleaner. The next thing you need to do is clear out the shelves, coffee table, cabinets, television stands, and cupboard, and give them an excellent polish.


You need to wipe everything in the bathroom to remove stains, including the mirrors, tiles, toilet, bath, and sink. Next is to check drains and plug holes to ensure they are perfectly clear, and the water can easily flow through the pipes. Check metallic surfaces like shower heads, drain gates, and taps for limescale and molds.

There are a lot of products that can help people tackle these problems. It is as simple as spraying cleaning solutions on the affected area, leaving the solution to do its magic, and washing it away with clean water. If limescale remains, you can use fresh lemon and white vinegar to break down the limescale particles, causing them chalky residue.