Asking the Right Questions when Looking for Drug and Alcohol Rehab  

Are you concerned about your loved one’s destructive behavior? Is your loved one using drugs, but you cannot help them stop? Do they have a hard time quitting drugs? Is their life spiraling out of control?

Kirill Vesselov, a leader in treatment center management, suggests what to look for in a rehab center for your loved one.

Three Indicators of Quality Treatment

There are some indicators that a drug and alcohol rehab facility is effective. These principles will guide you in your search for a quality treatment provider.

Addiction is a complex but manageable disease that can directly affect brain function and behavior.

Addiction treatment centers must be aware of the possibility that relapse can occur even after long-term abstinence.

It is not possible to have a one-size-fits-all approach that works for everyone.

The best providers of treatment understand that drug abuse can be caused by many factors and create individualized treatment plans. Kirill Vesselov believes that rehab facilities can maximize their chances of success by tailoring their treatment to specific needs.

Recovery outcomes are affected by the length of treatment.

The length of treatment required can vary depending on the severity of the addiction. Most patients require at least three months to change their drug habits. However, this can be extended if there is a chance of relapse. Effective treatment centers understand this and must continue to work with patients to keep them engaged in treatment. This includes residential and outpatient services as well as support services.

What a Rehab Center Should Ask You

A qualified facility will ask questions such as:

  • How severe is your substance abuse disorder?
  • What other conditions are you experiencing in your mental or physical health?
  • Will you have the transportation and the resources needed to manage your daily life?

What You Should Ask the Rehab Center

Are you accredited and licensed?

The center must be licensed to provide addiction treatment.

Which evidence-based treatments do you use?

Scientifically backed treatments for substance abuse disorders include:

  • Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) to help you recognize and change negative thoughts
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) to control strong emotions
  • Motivational Interviewing (MI)
  • Approved medications to treat opioid and alcohol abuse disorders

Is there specialty programming available?

Ask about your particular situation and how they would handle it.

If you are a young adult who started using drugs or alcohol as a teenager, your treatment needs will differ from a 50-year-old who has had a substance abuse disorder for 30 years.

You should ensure that the facility can meet your needs. Also, verify they have previous experience treating patients of a similar age and life situation.

Kirill Vesselov has been awarded Newsweek’s award for “Best Treatment Centers of America.”


How You Can Come Up with the Best Food Label for Your Product

Launching any kind of food product is already difficult enough in itself – but if you are taking in the task of designing a label for your food product as well, the challenge can be even more daunting. And even if you have the best-tasting food product around, without a proper and effective label, it could all come to naught. Many a food product, needless to say, has failed simply because its packaging and labelling wasn’t good enough. You have to consider a lot of factors, which include not just the packaging (whether it’s a bottle, a jar, a packet, a sachet, or more), but also the images and visuals, the colours, the typography, the information and content, and so on. So how can you come up with the best food label for your product? Let’s find out.

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  • Check out your competition 

It is also wise to check out your competition so you can see what they are doing, as confirmed by labelling machine experts from Atwell Labellers. Regardless of the kind of food product you are selling, you should know that once you release it into the market, it will be surrounded by food products of the same type – all from different brands and companies. So if you have a label but it doesn’t stand out from your competitors, your design may well be a failure. When it comes to doing research on your competition, the process is simple: visit the shops and the aisle where your food product will be displayed, and take careful note of the attributes of the labels of your competitors. Don’t forget to look at the colours, the styles, the fonts, and the size and shape of the labels. Once you have done this, it follows that you need to design a label that’s different from theirs, so whatever you do, avoid similarly-themed labels.

  • Establish your guidelines for your brand 

Whilst it is definitely essential to design a label that can stand out, it is also essential to make sure that your design is consistent with your own brand. That having being said, establish your branding guidelines, which include your colours, your values, your logo and iconography, and your typography. For instance, do you have particular mascots or shapes for iconography and logos? What kinds of typefaces are you using? Also, determine your brand colours and choose only two to three which are the most widely- and consistently used. Good luck!


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