Arlene Guzman: A Pioneer for Women in the Business World


Arlene Guzman is the founder and president of Arlene Guzman Communications since 2015. This is a woman-owned communication agency that has partnered with several agencies, including government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and startups, to develop industry-leading communications campaigns and business strategies. She is a versatile public relations leader who helps organizations break into new markets, harness their strengths in different types of markets using authentic strategies. Her industry expertise spans real estate, innovation and tech, public agencies, and cannabis.


Arlene Guzman is part of the management team at Clubhouse Media Group. The firm offers management, production, and deal-making services to influencers, a management division for individual influencer clients, and an investment arm for joint ventures and acquisitions for companies in the social media influencer space.

Arlene Guzman, beyond being a communications executive, is also a mom who takes a lot of pride in her two young children.


Arlene Guzman is a communications and business strategist who takes a great deal of pride in the fact that she is a female entrepreneur. Her business is a Certified Women/Minority Business Enterprise, also known as a WMBE.


Arlene Guzman does most of her work in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area. In addition to being the president of Arlene Guzman Communications, she is also a lecturer in the Department of Communication Studies at California State University, located in Los Angeles, California since August 2016. Previously, Arlene Guzman was part of the management team at Potnt, a public relations and integrated marketing agency that does work in the area of hemp, cannabis, and ancillary subjects. She has also served as the Associate Vice President at the RW Jones Agency, a role that she filled from 2016 to 2018. Guzman has also acquired other valuable experience in the world of marketing, including having been the Marketing Manager at Comcast Ventures from 2012 to 2013. She was also the Communications and Government Affairs Manager at VantagePoint Capital Partners from 2009 to 2012, as well as a Development Associate for the California Governor and First Lady’s Conference on Women from 2007 to 2009. She has also produced publications and has participated in highly important projects. These projects include Musicians United for Safe Energy and California Plug-In Electric Vehicle Collaborative: DRIVE THE DREAM.


Arlene Guzman has been and will very likely continue to be a model for women and working moms who want to succeed in the business world.

Keith Kosco Provides Tips on How to Balance Family Life While Running a Successful Business

Keith Kosco is a single dad of two and works in marketing and sales helping create and keep successful businesses going.

It can be difficult balancing family and business. Keith Kosco has some great tips to keep everything in both worlds running smoothly and not tipping the scale to one side or the other.


Establishing clear boundaries is vital for you, your family, and your business. Keith Kosco suggests that you should not allow your business to run you, even if it is open 24 hours a day. When businesspeople initially start working for themselves, they often believe that they are effectively “on-call” or that it is required of them to be available to their firm at all times.

This mindset is frequently the result of inexperience and bad planning. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, have complete control over how and when their company operates. Most businesses may construct a decent schedule that allows for balance if they set their working time corresponding to when the company most requires them to continue operating and planning ahead.

In order to be successful, you must be able to set limits in several ways. Keith Kosco says working from home can necessitate having a designated place where you do nothing but work. This will make it easier for you to enter and exit your office. It’s a fantastic way to signal to any family members who might be there that you need to concentrate on your work while you’re in this area.


Keith Kosco believes one of the best ways to achieve a work-life balance is through effective communication. Learn how to tell your boss and your family what’s going on in your personal life. Everyone will be more understanding if you can explain your actions and thoughts to them in a clear and concise manner. To make it work, you need as much help from both your workplace and your family as feasible.

Set Goals

The first step toward making any ambition a reality is to establish a priority list for it. Keith Kosco said make a decision on what you really want to accomplish, then stick to it. Keith Kosco suggests preparing yourself by visualizing what your end goal might appear like and strive toward making the effort each day to grow closer to that vision.

Another tip from Keith Kosco check to see if your activities are in sync with your desires before taking any action. Suppose you’d like to work more hours, but your family’s needs take first. In this case, it may be necessary to reduce your commitments in one area to make place for your family obligations in another.

Keith Kosco says if you want to devote more time to your family, but you’re working longer hours at your job, your wishes and actions aren’t in sync with each other. Make certain that, once you’ve selected a goal, you’re making decisions that will help you achieve it.

Keith Kosco says if you set your mind to it, you can achieve a nice family–business balance.