The Top Facts about Giveaways and Promotional Merchandise You should Know 

Promotional giveaways and merchandise have definitely proven their worth as far as marketing tools go, and they aren’t about to go anywhere. In fact, a lot more companies are making use of them today than ever, especially since there are more choices and options when it comes to the kind of merchandise you can give away. For instance, whilst mugs and pens and notepads have always been pretty effective, there are now other kinds of promotional giveaways that can give you great value for your money whilst being truly innovative and useful as well. These include USB drives, tote bags, mousemats, highlighters, sports bottles, travel mugs, and even sweets. But there are other facts about giveaways and promotional items which can definitely convince you to level up your game and marketing campaign in regards to promotional merchandise. Here are the top facts about giveaways and promotional merchandise you should know.


  • About eight out of ten consumers will own from at least one to ten giveaways and promotional items.
  • Only about one out of five individuals will throw a promotional item in the rubbish bin, and most will only throw it away if it is already broken or can’t be used; more consumers will actually choose to give a usable item away instead. As a matter of fact, around 60% of consumers will pass a promotional item to a friend or family member.
  • About 53% of individuals make use of a promotional item or product at least once every week, and around six out of ten of these individuals will actually keep a promotional item they receive for as long as two years, as long as it is still useful and handy.
  • Prior to receiving any promotional merchandise, approximately 55% of individuals will have had a business transaction with the company. But once someone receives a promotional item, about 85% of individuals will start doing business with the giver of the item.
  • When it comes to ‘cost for every impression’, bags (such as canvas tote bags or shoulder bags) tie with pens and other writing instruments as having the lowest cost with the greatest impact.
  • Around 53% of consumers who receive promotional products and items will have a better impression of the company which gave them that product or item.
  • The average consumer will hold on to a promotional item they receive for approximately six months – imagine the recall this will give to your brand, especially if the consumer makes use of your item every single day or even just once a week.
  • Here are some amazing statistics as well: around 77% of consumers will have a minimum of one giveaway in their kitchen, whilst around 74% will have a minimum of one giveaway in their workspace. Approximately 55% of consumers will also have a promotional item in their bedroom.
  • 77% of consumers state that they will keep a promotional product or item if it is useful (usefulness is the biggest indicator of consumers choosing to keep an item), and consumers have also ranked safety and health items as well as computer items and writing items as the most useful products they have received.


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